North Okanagan Vernon Gleaners

Testimonial: North Korea

Susan Ritchie quotes: "You can't imagine how much the soup is loved or how much of the dietary needs it fills. The children are literally eating soup, three times a day. And it sustains them very well. The children are getting to really like beets (a vegetable that is foreign to Korea) and the caregivers appreciate that the soup has barley and beans in it. The soup from the two containers we sent fed about 1500 orphans and approx. 700 children in a coal mining city for about three months. I can't thank you enough for this amazing gift" - Susan Ritchie, First Steps

Testimonial: Mexico

Cheryl Bronk quotes: "I would like to thank the Gleaners from the bottom of my heart. Your organization was responsible for the food that was brought down to a small indigenous school in Mexico from a wonderful friend of mine Gisele Andrews. Not only did this feed the children at the school but there was enough food to feed a few very poor families in this indigenous village. I just want you to know that your hard work is not going unnoticed and unappreciated, if you could only see the smiles on the small faces that you bring much joy to.
Please I encourage you to keep up your great work and know that here in a small village in Mexico that children are going to bed with full tummies. Food feeds the brain and hopefully these dear children can break the cycle of migrate field workers one day. Once again, thanks for all you do" - Cheryl Bronk, Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

Testimonial: Zimbabwe

The food was presented to the village pastor and his wife. There are 140 orphans in this village, 20 are looked after by the pastor in their home and the rest have been taken in by people in the village, even tho they don't have enough for themselves. The church and school are in this spot and children are fed one meal a day - usually Sudza and brown beans, if they are available. Children patiently lined up to wash hands, then our team served Gleaners vegetables along with their staple food "SUDZA" - their staple food made from ground corn, sort of like a thick cream of wheat - rather tasteless, and limited with nutrition.

Testimonial: Dominican Republic

Les Sloan quotes: "I have been mostly working with the poor in the Dominican Republic, remote villages, street children, handicapped children, heroine treatment centres, and the elderly.  We have just returned from there which we built a wheel chair accessible home for a set of twin boys in Javillar. The food you supplied us got distributed to a orphanage, heroine treatment centers, remote Haitian village, and the small village of Javillar where it was much needed and appreciated. I want thank you and group for helping to put smiles on the faces of so many" Les Sloan, What Color is Hope, December 22, 2014